Project Three, e-commerce shop

As a pandemic-era plant lover, I really enjoyed putting together an e-commerce shop for indoor plants. I did stick with Woocommerce’s Storefront theme because it offered many options for showcasing products, blogging about plants, and offering primary and secondary menu navigation. I used a variety of blocks and widgets to lay out the front page. I particularly like the full-width cover video block with overlay text (Welcome to Plantly) and being able to direct users to “Find a Plant” with the overlay button. I also tried out different plug-ins and decided to use them to post mock testimonials as an auto-scroll gallery and for a newsletter subscription option. In terms of customizing through CSS, I was able to adjust the font family and colors to the brand’s stylings. The logo and other details were crafted in Adobe Illustrator and uploaded onto WordPress. In hopes of making the site appear authentic and community-oriented, I included a Blog page full of posts and a Learn page of additional helpful links and posts.