Bird flying alone in dim sky with grey clouds

Bird has No Love

The bird opens its wings, Soaking in the overcast, Croaking for others, Rolling its neck, Back and forth, Back and forth, Breeze catching under feathers, Croaking for crooked hearts, Motion in the air, Just under the blanket of clouds, Movement, Side to side, It flies alone

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Patch of wheat grass sprinkled with dew


Starting as sabzeh grown on porcelain, Fragile your roots are, Tender and hopeful you tug up, Mist on you roots, Why would you let mold touch them? Snapping at your childhood, Snapping your childhood, Don’t let it stop you from pushing through porcelain. You are shatter worthy.

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Surface of turquoise pool


Woven fingers, Hair so normal but its food for my peace, So delicate it’s golden spiderwebs, Little boy touching the big world, Hands stuck in red gone rust clay, His lips forgetting the words help, One day the permanent ink of sister tasting like, Peaches and salt, Will dissolve into […]

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Water with orange, blue, and turquoise light reflected on it


When her breath pushes over the sky, Dust flickers over my skin, Plaster goes flying. Bone China is so broken. Gray gone emerald eyes open, Can you smell the saffron? My pollen is so rich and hidden, I lick cumin from my lips, Red dye couldn’t be this. My skin […]

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Blue tinged pearl sitting on clam shell and rocks


In that dark garden, With moist grass slick in dew, There’s that pearl, Not the one slick in seawater, Not one that waited in the ruffled, twisted, Sand flecked; salt touched oysters. It’s just a pearl. Rounded- ish Iridescent enough to reflect teary eyes, Warping white, Heavy breaths can’t you […]

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Branch of fern tree in focus over other darkened, out of focus branches

Ferns of Yesterday

In a place with soil fertile and soft, You can let the grass catch your head, The fox kiss your nose, While you sink your teeth into red mulberries decorating the ground. Some here are buried, And some are just sleeping,  Moss become blankets and fungi pills, And the only […]

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Close up of a field of pink flowers with dark grass


The first sign of womanhood isn’t buds To breasts, Or the red staining your inner thighs Like the drip of grenadine cherries, But when you spot one, two, Lines under your eyes The dusting of ash Over the smear of mulberry Blood vessels sighing in exhaustion, Because you know you […]

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Tea kettle on stove in low lighting

Watch Out

As you center the kettle, Over the blue gas flame, And its insides began to boil, And it cries steam, Because the moment you turn a blind eye, And forget its screams, It will turn on you, Tipping tipping tipping, Crash into the ground, And the hot water, Will scald […]

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